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Just a little introduction of some sorts to help you see a little bit into my head.

Ha Eun Bae

Sometimes the things unseen, are the things most beautiful to await.

The things unexpected - the things that take us by surprise.

I believe this is the approach for the way I love and am called to create and outpour through the clashing of fashion and art. Multi-faceted and incredibly colourful. Promising to be rainbow-like...steadfast in love and devotion.

Having lived in a South African landscape as a South Korean, I can say growing up has been influenced by the exposure to a multi-cultural world - from people of  different walks of life, history spanning traditions, intense and rich foods of all kinds, ear-explosive music... and finally, expressive and life capturing art and fashion. It has been like a dance fiesta most of the times - with the best moments experienced alongside family, friends and others. Believe me, many toe-stepping moments experienced, too. Everything life-changing...worth it to continue dancing through, as it has given way to  my character, principles, values and dreams.

It gives me great pleasure to open up this world to you - all things formed over the past few years and with great expectations, headed towards the future. I hope that by seeing my works, you will be able to notice and find that there are ideas that will cause you to wonder...colors that will make you stop for a second...and details that will help you understand little by little, hope, faith and ultimately, love. 

**Please note that you will be able to see my professional work as a Fashion Designer  within the fashion retail industry upon request - thank you!

Ha Eun Bae

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