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This was a collaborative personal project that my middle sister and I had done together in 2021. At that time NFT artworks were hitting the news and becoming a viral sensation - impacting not only artists, but art buyers. Something new and super unheard of... I hadn't been following it until my sister got excited and started sending through her thoughts and ideas. Whilst it hadn't gotten very far for us, it was quite something to observe and be a part of with my family - from the creating of the artworks, seeing the website being made from scratch, all the way to random programming of the NFTs. My sister put a lot of work into and despite some moments, I was acting out as a younger sister, I honor her efforts and insane creativity to try and pull off something like this. Even today, it is pretty epic, the type of works and projects she thinks of and produces, as well as all the general knowledge she knows, understands and shares. 

Below are some of the things we had worked on together. The bunny artworks were led by ideas of my sister. Some were started off directly from her rough drawings that she had done when she was still in high school - I just added color and brought to life the funky, and humor enticing ideas. I can't explain how everything worked, but you would be able to purchase the NFT artwork, and with help of coding  and programming, the artwork you purchase would be randomly formed from a whole lot of 'inputs'...almost like a spider diagram in a way... We had also made a selection of rare collectibles that were specifically made different.


Overall, something super out of my comfort zone, yet so in at the same time as a creator.

NFT Artworks
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